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Sports Mindset Collection (ebooks)

Sports Mindset Collection (ebooks)

$89.95 Regular Price
$79.95Sale Price

The right MINDSET is the crucial factor in achieving the best results in your sport. This collection will help you learn invaluable mindset skills fast!  The collection includes the ultimate Sports Mindset Book, Sports Mindset Assessment tool and Emotion Mastery book. The Boomerang Effect mindset strategies are a unique blend of Western positive psychology and Eastern philosophies that all great athletes use. Competitors of any age, will find every mindset tool simple to understand and easy to apply. The best results will be gained from reading and applying the principles on a regular basis throughout your whole sports career. Consistently do this and watch your results vastly improve. Give yourself the edge over your competitors by practicing and playing like a professional athlete with a world class sports mindset today!

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