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Sports Emotion Mastery Cards (ebook)

Sports Emotion Mastery Cards (ebook)

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For many promising athletes who have the physical talent and skills, their ability to manage problematic emotions such as nerves, pressure, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, frustration and anger, let them down over and over. Read through each emotion card several times to familiarise yourself with each strategy for the different emotions. Identify which emotions you struggle with specific situations. Memorise the principles which are relevant to you. Pick some strategies to work on every time you practise and compete. Print the cards out and carry them with you. The best results will be gained from reading and applying the principles on a regular basis throughout your sporting career. Stop stifling your dreams and take control of these difficult emotions with these easy-to-use emotion management techniques. Get your Sport Emotion Management Cards to take back control and start mastering your emotions today!

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